GLNY-Seal-transparent-240 Grand Lodge of the State of New York
Masonic Care Community
Masonic Medical Research Laboratory
Camp-Turk_120Camp Turk

Past Grand Lodge Officers

R∴W∴ Harry W. Hunt, Grand Rep. – Cameroon (2012-2015)

R∴W∴ Andrew J. Hengst, Jr., Trustee Emeritus, Livingston Library (2010-Present)

R∴W∴ Charles Toombs, Grand Lecturer (2008-2012)

R∴W∴ Carl B. Ritter, Grand Rep. – Loge du Senegal, W. Africa (2006-2008)*

R∴W∴ William A. Young, Grand Rep. – Arkansas (2002-2007)

R∴W∴ Leo N. Searfoss, Sr., Grand Rep. – Illinois (1999-2005)*

R∴W∴ Edward C. Blair, Grand Rep. – Guatemala (1996-1998)*

R∴W∴ Robert George, Grand Rep. – Maine (1992-1994)*

R∴W∴ William M. Wilcox, Grand Chaplain (1992-1994)

R∴W∴ Richard L. Pendell, Grand Rep. – Queensland (1991-1992)

R∴W∴ Gerald Evans, Grand Rep. – Mexico (1987-1988)*

R∴W∴ Everett H. Barber, Grand Rep. – Montana (1985-1986)*

R∴W∴ Carl B. Anderson, Grand Rep. – Victoria, Australia (1983-1984)*

R∴W∴ Arthur M. Davies, Grand Rep – Alaska (1982-1983)*

R∴W∴ William N. Walter, Grand Chaplain, Emeritus (1978-1992)*

R∴W∴ Ivan R. Fuller, Grand Rep. – Brasilia (1972-1973)*

R∴W∴ Willis M. Lewis, Grand Chaplain (1971-1972)*

R∴W∴ Frank Whitmarsh, Grand Rep. – South Australia (1966-1969)*

R∴W∴ Asa D. Hakes, Grand Rep. – Ohio (1965-1966)*

R∴W∴ Lloyd F. Shepard, Grand Chaplain, Emeritus (1965-1988)*

R∴W∴ Arnold D. Miller, Grand Rep. – North Mexico (1959-1960)*

R∴W∴ Ralph B. Davie, Grand Chaplain (1955-1959)*

R∴W∴ Gaylord Phelps, Grand Rep. – Kentucky (1953-1954)*

R∴W∴ Walter F. Blanden, Grand Rep. – New Zealand (1950-1951)*

R∴W∴ H. DeWitt DeGroat, Grand Rep. – New Zealand (1935-1936)*

R∴W∴ John Sheerar, Junior Grand Deacon (1934-1936)*



* Deceased

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