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May 2016 GLSO Article for The Word

Greetings Brethren,

As my two years as Grand Steward comes to an end I would like to thank all of the Brothers of the Cortland Madison District for their support of all of the Masonic Educational programs that I taught.

Educational opportunities about Masonry are abundant and I urge all Brothers to take advantage of the Chancellor Robert R. Livingston Library Reading Courses, Masonic Development Course, Road to the East and the Master’s Chair for all incoming Masters. I can not stress enough how much these programs will help you in your journey through Masonry.

I would also like to thank all of the Brothers who have traveled though out the District with RW Brian Ziegler and myself. It truly has been a pleasure to have you with us!

Lastly, I could not have asked for a better partner then the RW Brian Ziegler! We are grateful that we were able to achieve all of the goals that we set out to do with the support of the Brothers of our District! It has been a great experience being the Staff Officer and I will cherish it always!

Thank you!

Clinton S. Brooks