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Past Grand Lodge Staff Officers

GDC – Grand Director of Ceremonies

GS – Grand Steward

GSB – Grand Sword Bearer


No Appointee (2018-2019)

R∴W∴ Bart C. Chapin, GSB (2016-2018)

R∴W∴ Clinton S. Brooks, GS (2014-2016)

R∴W∴ Russell O. Perkins, GDC (2012-2014)

R∴W∴ Freeman Chase, GS (2010-2012)

R∴W∴ James Walter, GS (2008-2010)

R∴W∴ Bruce Langerlan, GS (2006-2008)

R∴W∴ Kim C. Dellow, GDC (2004-2006)

R∴W∴ David H. Fuller, GSB (2002-2004)

R∴W∴ Richard L. Pendell, GDC (2000-2002)

R∴W∴ James E. Wightman, GS (1998-2000)

R∴W∴ Linus J. Smith, GSB (1996-1998)*

R∴W∴ Robert L. Burt, GSB (1994-1996)

R∴W∴ Harley R. DeShane, GS (1991-1994)

R∴W∴ Willard D. Burdick, GS (1990-1991)*

R∴W∴ Leland S. Strong, GS (1989-1990)*

R∴W∴ Leon J. Wheaton, GDC (1988-1989)*

R∴W∴ Charles Woolworth, GSB (1987-1988)

R∴W∴ Clarence Collins, GSB (1986-1987)

R∴W∴ Edwin K. Waterbury, GDC (1985-1986)*

R∴W∴ Howard E. Mosher, GS (1984-1985)

R∴W∴ Robert W. Chappell, GSB (1983-1984)*

R∴W∴ Richard F. Morton, GDC (1982-1983)

R∴W∴ William H. Spicer, GS (1981-1982)*

R∴W∴ William E. Carr, GSB (1980-1981)*

R∴W∴ David Marsh, GDC (1979-1980)*

R∴W∴ Clifton W. Bowers, GS (1978-1979)*

R∴W∴ Frank B. Davis, GSB (1977-1978)*

R∴W∴ Willard B. Smith, GDC (1976-1977)*

R∴W∴ Harold L. Potter, GS (1975-1976)*

R∴W∴ Walter F. Jackson, GS (1974-1975)*

R∴W∴ George E. Davis, GSB (1972-1973)

R∴W∴ Lawrence C. Smith, GSB (1969-1970)*

R∴W∴ Paul M. Young, GDC (1965-1966)*

R∴W∴ C. Joseph Bennett, GSB (1963-1964)*

R∴W∴ Richard D. Harris, GSB (1961-1962)*

R∴W∴ Stanley Gault, GS (1960-1961)*

R∴W∴ J. Elmer Jones, GS (1959-1960)*

R∴W∴ S. Howard Gazley, GDC (1956-1957)*

R∴W∴ James E. Ogden, GDC (1954-1955)*

R∴W∴ Harold L. Anderson, GS (1952-1953)*

R∴W∴ Carl W. Anderson, GS (1948-1949)*

R∴W∴ A. Roma Kellogg, GS (1947-1948)*

R∴W∴ Ivan H. Ticknor, GDC (1946-1947)*

R∴W∴ Russell P. Taylor, GS (1945-1946)*

R∴W∴ Jarvis Robinson, GS (1942-1943)*

R∴W∴ Arthur F. Price, GSB (1940-1941)*

R∴W∴ Claude A. Rice, GSB (1938-1939)*

R∴W∴ William A. Wall, GSB (1935-1936)*


* Deceased

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