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Masonic Care Community
Masonic Medical Research Laboratory
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Past Assistant Grand Lecturers

R∴W∴ Kim C. Dellow (2022-Present)

V∴W∴ Walter J. Boronow (2021-Present)

R∴W∴ David R. Walter (2018-2022)

V∴W∴ Richard G. Reed (2018-2021)

R∴W∴ Clinton S. Brooks (2016-2018)

R∴W∴ Charles A. Dellow (2016-2018)

R∴W∴ Bart C. Chapin (2015-2016)

R∴W∴ Scott A. Cary (2014-2016)

R∴W∴ Richard P. Freeman (2013-2105)

R∴W∴ Brian E. Ziegler (2012-2014)

R∴W∴ George J. Walter (2011-2013)

R∴W∴ Russell O. Perkins (2010-2012)

R∴W∴ David H. Fuller (2009-2011)

R∴W∴ Richard P. Freeman (2008-2010)

V∴W∴ Donald Stich (2006-2009)*

R∴W∴ Richard L. Pendell (2005-2008)

R∴W∴ Freeman Chase (2004-2006)

V∴W∴ C. Frederick Currier (2002-2005)*

R∴W∴ Kim C. Dellow (2001-2004)

R∴W∴ James E. Jones (2000-2002)

R∴W∴ David H. Fuller (1999-2001)

R∴W∴ Arthur M. Boughton (1998-2000)

R∴W∴ Bruce Langerlan (1996-1999)

R∴W∴ Dana M. Merkur (1995-1998)

R∴W∴ Bruce D. King (1993-1996)

R∴W∴ Robert G. George (1992-1995)*

R∴W∴ Donald H. White, Jr. (1990-1993)

V∴W∴ James Isabella (1990-1992)*

R∴W∴ Sandy F. Samson (1989-1990)

R∴W∴ George E. Rankins (1987-1990)*

R∴W∴ George J. Walter (1986-1989)

R∴W∴ Wayne B. Anderson (1984-1987)

R∴W∴ Donald M. Elsenheimer (1983-1986)

R∴W∴ Wayne B. Anderson (1982-1983)

R∴W∴ Bruce A. Merkur (1980-1982)

R∴W∴ William L. Schurer (1979-1980)*

V∴W∴ Robert W. Chappell (1978-1979)*

R∴W∴ Fred M. S. Downs (1975-1978)

V∴W∴ Richard Ryan (1974-1975)*

R∴W∴ Arland F. Vandenburg (1973-1974)*

V∴W∴ John W. White (1972-1973)*

R∴W∴ Franklyn A. Crosley (1971-1972)*

V∴W∴ Lawrence Seligman (1970-1971)*

R∴W∴ Harold A. Smith (1969-1970)*

R∴W∴ Hobert C. Cook (1968-1969)*

R∴W∴ Walter F. Jackson (1967-1968)*

V∴W∴ Gerald E. Evans (1966-1967)*

V∴W∴ William F. Rice (1965-1966)*

R∴W∴ Harold A. Smith (1964-1965)*

V∴W∴ Leo R. Slocum (1962-1964)*

R∴W∴ George W. Jennings (1959-1962)*

V∴W∴ Richard Clinch (1959-1960)*

V∴W∴ Dorwin Burdick (1958-1959)*

V∴W∴ Arthur W. Cruver (1956-1959)*

V∴W∴ Blaine A. Hazen (1956-1958)*

V∴W∴ David White (1955-1956)*

V∴W∴ Raymond W. Clinton (1954-1955)*

V∴W∴ C. Stanley Johnson (1953-1954)*

V∴W∴ Lloyd K Wertz (1952-1953)*

V∴W∴ Roger C. Dewey (1951-1952)*

R∴W∴ S. Howard Gazley (1950-1951)*

V∴W∴ Edwin M. Waterbury (1949-1950)*

R∴W∴ Vernon H. Robinson (1948-1949)*

V∴W∴ J. Elmer Jones (1947-1948)*

V∴W∴ Fletcher A. Newberry (1946-1947)*

R∴W∴ Amos W. Fox (1945-1946)*

V∴W∴ Rae J. Wilcox (1941-1942)*

V∴W∴ Malcolm D. Norton (1939-1941)*

R∴ W∴ Arthur F. Price (1936-1938)*

V∴W∴ Roscoe C. Snow (1932-1936)*

V∴W∴ Walter K. Smith (1930-1932)*

V∴W∴ Dudley D. Norton (1920-1922)*


Please note that the title of an Assistant Grand Lecturer was changed from W∴ to V∴W∴ in 1996 for all (then) current and past AGLs.  Documents, aprons, etc. created prior to that date will indicate a title of W∴ for an Assistant Grand Lecturer who had not yet attained the title of R∴W∴ (which would have been accurate at the time of their creation).


* Deceased

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