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May 2016 DDGM Article for The Word


It has been an honor to serve as District Deputy Grand Master for the last two years. It has been a very rewarding experience and I am glad the honor was bestowed upon my shoulders. I was recently asked if I would do it again if I had the opportunity. My reply was simply this, ” It would depend on who the Grand Master would be”. I will simply leave it at that.

I want to thank the Brothers who attended my homecoming and making it such a special night. I am especially thankful for the many DD’s and Staff Officers who travelled from afar to attend. I would also like to thank the RW Peter Flihan, Past Senior Grand Deacon for being the guest speaker for the evening, RW Richard Morley, Junior Grand Warden, and RW Charles Catapano, Grand Treasurer, for being in attendance. Hopefully Grand Lodge elections this year will see these three great Brothers being elected as Grand Treasurer, Senior Grand Warden, and Deputy Grand Master.

I would like to congratulate Very Worshipful (soon to be Right Worshipful) Scott Cary on being the District Deputy Grand Master’s pick as Mason of the Year for the Cortland-Madison District. This is something that I wanted to get started and I hope it will carry on in the coming years. Scott has been very dedicated in serving this District in the capacity as and AGL and a Brother of Cazenovia Lodge. He has proven himself as an outstanding ritualist and learned and performed the Middle Chamber lecture. He has also attended and supported all Official Visits and District functions. He has also been a good resource for any assistance or help that I may have needed the past two years. He has assisted with getting our District Web Site on board and has been the Web Master for our site, Without his dedication and abilities, our web site would probably be non-existent right now. Most importantly, VW Scott has worked very hard preparing himself for the demands of taking over the helm as District Deputy. He is very worthy of this office and very deserving of being named Mason of the Year for this District. Please congratulate Scott if you see him.

In closing, I want to thank the Brothers of this District that supported me in the performance of the Duties of District Deputy. A very wise man told me at the start of my term that you can’t keep everyone happy, so don’t try. How true that statement is. I have lost a few dear friendships over the last two years over some decisions I have had to make that didn’t seem to appease them. I am ok with that because everything I have done or have attempted to do, I have done with the best interest of our District in mind. I can walk away after Grand Lodge this year with my head held high, knowing I have tried to do the best possible job I could do serving this District and representing our Grand Master. I now look forward to supporting our incoming District Deputy and Staff Officer and reciprocating the support they have given me.

RW Brother Clinton S Brooks, it has been a great ride with you these past two years. You have excelled in your duties as a Staff Officer. I couldn’t have asked for a better friend, partner, and Mason to share this experience with. Thank you for all you have done for our District and the support and assistance you have given me. You truly are a Masons Mason!

Brian Ziegler